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Investing for Impact

UCB Ireland is a donor supported ministry that is serving the church and reaching the nation of Ireland and beyond. We would like to give you the opportunity to support this work here in Ireland.

Your giving will help us on our mission to reach the country with the gospel of Jesus.

Here’s how you can support UCB Ireland


50 people representing the 50 states of America giving $50 per month. Let us know which state you are representing! This would enable us to continue our radio service into over 700,000 homes across Ireland through the Saorview (Freeview) Platform, as well as some hospitals.

Most new TVs here in Ireland come with Saorview already installed and so the reach through this platform is growing all the time.

New Horizons

Through our partner charity New Horizons Foundation which will enable your donation to be tax-deductible. You can donate via E Cheque for free or you can pay by Credit Card, but this will incur an 8% charge.

(Please note that New Horizons Foundation charge us a 5% fee)

What’s your Irish Heritage?

Have you got any Irish ancestors? Where is your family from? Help us reach out to your county with the Gospel, through our County Champions and regional events. Choose your county on the map and help us to spread a message of hope with your best gift.

Every $ impacts lives with a message of hope across Ireland

Single Donation

Help our ministry by donating a single one-off gift.

Direct to our bank

United Christian Broadcasters Ireland

Allied Irish Bank plc

7/12 Dame Street, Dublin 2

IBAN: IE22 AIBK 9333 8438 1610 12


Please let us know if you are going to donate directly so we can identify your donation. Email 

For more information contact Dave Durbin at

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